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Ruffled Scarf Knitting Pattern

I’ve been enchanted with the daisy stitch for a good while now.  A pretty texture, with a soft loft.  What is not to love?  I’ve used it in several pieces, but one of my favorites is the Organic Ruffled Scarf I designed a little over a year ago.  And, finally—finally!  The pattern is ready for you!

One of my favorite things about this pattern is that it combines both knitting and a fair amount of crocheting, so my theory is that it will keep my mind and wrist agile.  The ruffles are soft and cascading.  The yarn, Organik by The Fibre Company, couldn’t be more of a pleasure to work with.  The pattern is in full color with lots of pictures and includes directions for a non-ruffled variation for those with less frilly tastes.  You know who you are!

It's all about the ruffles.
Un-ruffled. For those with simpler tastes.