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Oldies but Goodies

Oldies but Goodies

As you know, I’m prone to a vintage bent.  And it extends beyond “things” to the world and family Dave and I create.  Case in point:  this week we are celebrating a very happy Gotcha Day anniversary of our sweet Zoey.  Three years ago our home was enriched by the arrival of Zoey and her sister Maggie.  They came to us with the help of a Tennessee rescue I volunteer with and at the time they were 11 (Maggie) and 13 (Zoey).  They were elderly with numerous health issues.  We thought they would be our summer dogs.   While our Maggie died at 14+  just this Easter and our 16+ Zoey is fading, we never would have thought we’d be blessed with the joy and wonder these dogs brought to our lives for so long.  It’s been THREE YEARS!  Honestly, it is a toss up who loves me more—Dave or Zoey.  They are in open competition and are fierce rivals with each other–though they utterly adore each other, too.  I’m flattered to be the subject of their affections.  And I’m honored to have have known both Maggie and Zoey and to have ensured that their final years were ones that were comfortable and well loved.  If you’ve ever considered taking in an elderly pet of any ilk to your home, all I can say is that the rewards will leave you speechless.



This is Ruth. And Maisie, too.

Recently a local dog rescue, PAWS New England needed to find a home for two deaf and blind brothers, Truth and Argus.  Since we have two deaf/blind pups, as well, we reached out to the rescue in hopes that sharing our story would help encourage potential adopters to consider dogs like these.  The story of the wonders of our girls can be read in full on the PAWS blog.

Ruth and Maisie, our deaf and blind Aussies, are living it up regardless of their disabilities.

Whether or not our little write up helped to get Truth and Argus adopted, I can’t say, but I am very happy to report that they are in a wonderful new home.  And at PAWS you will find innumerable wonderful canines, just in case you are looking to expand your family.