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Rug Hooking Patterns

It is a small but growing collection of rug hooking patterns available as instant downloads. I’m excited with the newest addition, The Jacobean Hooked Rug. Like all my patterns, it includes multiple color pictures and this time, I’ve offered the pattern in two sizes. Lots of room to play and use your imagination.

The Amsterdam Rug Hooking Pattern Instant Download

Pattern for the Sunflower Hooked Pillow

Woman Feeding Chickens Rug Hooking Pattern, Instant Download

Tree of Life Rug Hooking Pattern Instant Download

Jacobean Rug Hooking Pattern


Class Sunflowers

Well, we just finished up the second and last class of the Sunflower Proddy Hooked Pillow workshop I taught up at Wool and Goods in Rollinsford, NH.  It was just so much fun to see how everyone’s pillow came out!  We hooked, we needle punched, and adorned to each’s heart’s desire.  And, yes.  There were even tassels.

Sunflower Hooked Pillow: A Pattern for Rug Hookers

I designed this pillow a couple of years ago, and it’s been exciting to see how well received it’s been.  I was even more excited when I was invited to teach a class to fellow avid rug hookers to show them how to make this pillow, too.  And as  result of all that, I decided to write the pattern so that hookers everywhere can have the opportunity to put their own personal stamp on their version of the pillow so that it perfectly suits their home and decor.

This pattern is available as an instant PDF download in my Etsy shop.  I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!  Send pictures!

Pattern for the Sunflower Hooked Pillow. Make your own!

Sunny Days

My Sunflower Hooked Pillows are one of my favorite things to make.  It is even more fun and rewarding when you are working with a great client and tailoring things to suit their desires and decor.  And talk about being given a great inspiration piece to work with!  Look at that great painting in the client’s living room, where these two pillows in progress will eventually inhabit.  Thanks, Julee!

The two Sunflower Hooked Pillows I'm working on will soon be snuggled up on that great couch.

ps.  Click on the photo, and you will see it nice and big.